The House in Which a Camel Grunts

For nearly 30 years, the two biggest Bedouin tribes in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, the Tarabin and Mezeina, have gathered annually on Jan. 10 at the Zalaga Valley for what has grown to be the biggest camel race in the country.

After plenty of confusion and hearsay regarding whether the race was on this year, I finally received word that it was taking place a day later than scheduled at a different venue than usual. We arrived at the Megreh race track at 2 p.m. as the Bedouin camel owners and spectators were slowly arriving.


How Motherly is Mother Nature?

Oftentimes when we think of motherhood, we think of love, nurture, generosity, acceptance and more qualities that capture the same emotional rhythm. Although motherly tendencies are often innately built-in, it…