Hi! My name is Enas. I’m a Cairo-based freelance writer and I like to tell stories.

If you pause for a second and take a look around, you’ll find that life is really but a series of stories, narrated in different voices, languages and perspectives. While some people are more fortunate at voicing their own stories, others remain untold, facing the uncertainty of waning before someone documents them, before a new audience hears them.

Commonly, people like to call this journalism, but I prefer calling it storytelling – that form of art that has appealed to us since we were children, and continues to break down the barriers between us as adults. With an ever fervent zeal for stories and people, I roam near and far in hopes of making my own stories and narrating those which project life under new light.

While travel is my favorite playground for writing, I’m always up for a new challenge. If you’d like to co-work on a story, feel free to get in touch. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the stories I share.

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